Nobody NEEDS the iPad. But I Can’t Live Without Mine.


Despite the name, I jumped on the Apple-wagon early and happily. Out of pure curiosity I sent Steve Jobs my money and became an iPad owner. Would this be the next best thing since Apple Pie? I didn’t care. I just wanted to be one of the first to take a bite. In fact, if Apple made oranges, I’d probably buy those too.

I was one of “those” who waited for the well worth it 3G. It seemed like years after the Wi-Fi only version hit the marketplace. I visited the Apple store often just to feel cool and to test drive the in-store iPad, and even started a #IWaitedForTheiPad3G club.

So after two weeks of having this juicy piece of technology in my hot little hands, here’s my review:

Nobody NEEDS the iPad. But I can’t live without mine.

Let me break it down. The iPad appears to be a luxury at first and then, without realizing, you find it becomes a necessity to your daily life. Do I find it valuable in my world of business? Not really. Can I live without it? Nope. Here’s why.

What do I use the iPad for?
This is the number one question I’m asked by those who weren’t as eager to send Steve their credit card number.

Full disclosure, I’m “that person” who takes their iPhone on the chair lift while snowboarding and uses it to stream live video. I haven’t gone to this extreme, but I wish I would have thought of it.

Okay, here’s my list:

  • Passing time in the dental chair.
  • Waiting in line – anywhere.
  • The gym. I personally think the gym should rent them out. It’s a new stream of revenue. I’ve actually considered renting my iPod and iPad at the gym.
  • Shopping online while at the gym or wherever, like at the DMV.
  • As a light source when live streaming video in dark places (long story).
  • Watching video on the airplane, much more conducive than a laptop when an intense recliner is sitting in front of you on the flight.
  • When guest tweeting for athletes during events.

What’s the iPad missing?

Webcam, front cover (yeah, I don’t want to buy an accessory), print capabilities (coming soon, evidentially), ability to add memory and a mouse.

Favorite iPad Apps?

NBA Gametime (Go Shaq), ABC Player, Evernote, Pinball HD, Mashable (much better than getting into a scroll-a-thon on the iPhone), Amazon E-Book Reader, Sports Center XL, Twitteriffic, MLB At Bat (Go White Sox & Indians). And, my favorite website that I’ve added to my home screen… ;)

Who Needs an iPad?

  • People on the move who have things to demonstrate or present: interior designers, car dealers, plastic surgeons or creative directors.
  • My Mom. (I’m fairly confident the iPad is the one gadget that won’t end up in a drawer like the other gadgets I have bought for her.)
  • Soduku champions and people who need constant stimulation.

Final Thoughts:

The iPad is like Travel Yahtzee. Nobody really NEEDS Yahtzee in the car, but man, it sure is awesome when you’re on a family roadtrip with 1,000 miles of asphalt and 13 hours ahead of you.

The iPad is also like a mullet. The Macbook is business in the front. iPad is party in the back. Nobody really NEEDS the party in the back but it makes life more fun.

My key takeaway, right now, is that I use the iPad for consuming and presenting content but I look forward to version two, Mr. Jobs.