Taking Twitter Analytics to the Next Level

Post by @ChelseaHartling 

Have you seen Twitter’s brand new analytics dashboard yet? If not, you’re in for a treat, because it now details ALL of your tweet activity and is specifically designed to help you optimize your brand’s performance on Twitter. We constantly geek out over rad analytics tools, and this dashboard highlights exactly the type of metrics that set our social media hearts on fire. Plus, it will help brands improve their content strategy and drive more consumer engagement. Props, little Twitter birds. You done good.

Here are some of the best features of the new interface:

1. Total impressions:


With the impressions metric, you can now see how many times a specific Tweet has been viewed on mobile and desktop, the total impressions of a Tweet, as well as an hour-by-hour breakdown for the first day of the Tweet. (Excuse us while we nerd out.)

2. Total engagements:


Now you can see the engagement rate (aka, how many RT’s, @replies, favorites, and clicks it received) for every single post, both promoted and organic, without having to manually check your feed. This will be very helpful for determining what copy/content makes the biggest impact on your audience and will help brands develop a stronger content strategy that offers the most value to their followers. Big win.

3. Comprehensive tweet analytics:


The age old question, “what content performs best?” is finally answered with this feature. Now you can see which Tweets performed the best and drove the most interaction with your followers. Take Tweets with an App Card for example: now you’ll see how many times people clicked to install your app or opened it. This metric also provides how many follows you received or how many profile views came from a particular Tweet. That’s some next level analytic data, yo.

4. Exporting your data.
In addition to the web interface for all Tweet activity, the CSV export tool shows you data for up to 3,200 Tweets and includes a breakdown of all impressions and other engagement numbers. This will be extremely helpful for analyzing past tweets and campaigns.

Bottom line, this new dashboard takes Twitter analytics to the next level and we’re stoked to dive in and get our hands dirty. If you haven’t played around in the new platform, check it out by visiting analytics.twitter.com and let us know what you think!

World Cup Brand-Off

Post by @AlanaGolob

The World Cup may not begin until Thursday, but the showdown to win over football (soccer) fans around the world is well underway. The competition is fierce and brands are pushing the boundaries this year by essentially creating high production short films for their commercial spots. It’s not a surprise that brands are going all out, given that more than 3.2 billion people watched the live coverage of the 2010 World Cup, which was a 32% increase from 2006. It’s been entertaining, to say the least, to witness the heated competition between brands as they fight for viewership. Here’s a snapshot of the brand front-runners thus far. Although their products appear throughout each video, you forget you’re watching a commercial because you’re drawn to the compelling content – something each of these brands did so brilliantly.

Nike: “Last Game” 

With no surprise Nike came out of the gate strong in May with their “Winner Stays” video featuring Renaldo. Well, they are back and even stronger with their new five minute completely animated film, “The Last Game” that is already approaching 1 million YouTube views in the first 24-hrs.

Beats by Dre: “The Game Before The Game”

One of the most impressive campaigns (with more than 7.2 million views) I’ve ever seen is the campaign by Beats. It was visually stunning with Rio as the backdrop, included cameos from celebs/personalities, like Serena Williams and Nicki Minaj and beautifully showcased different pre-game rituals from people around the world. Well done, Beats, and thank you for the goosebumps.

Adidas: “House Match” 

“House Match” took the more humorous (and shorter) approach featuring current and past stars including, David Beckham who match-up against each other in Beckham’s home – which includes the destruction of his stocked trophy case. The video has already accrued more than 10 million views on YouTube since it was published on June 6th.

How do all these campaigns translate to social? It’s simple. Social has been the driving force for these campaigns leading up to the World Cup. With ad buys, athlete support, media coverage, and most importantly, outstanding content – these campaigns are making a huge splash amongst soccer and non-soccer fans.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 4.56.47 PMScreen Shot 2014-06-09 at 4.53.22 PM

Here’s a quick glance at World Cup conversation volume thus far and how it continues to increase as we approach the end of the week.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 5.22.53 PM

If you haven’t watched the new #WorldCup on Twitter video published by Twitter, I would recommend it. “Love every second.”

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ just days away, I look forward to what each of these brands have in-store for football fans around the world.

An Open Letter to the Twitter Mute Button


Are you there, Twitter? It’s me, @chelseahartling.

Have I told you lately that you’re one of my favorite social platforms? I mean, I loved you before hardly anyone even knew about you, and besides Facebook you’re the longest social relationship I’ve ever been in.  You’ve given me an outlet to use my voice, and you constantly give me fast access to current events and up to the minute information on what’s happening all over the entire globe. In a generation where social media is the great equalizer, there’s no one like you.

My recent affinity for you comes in the form of your new Mute button. I think it’s brilliant. We all have friends or family that we follow on Twitter who annoy the living daylight out of us – but what can you do? You can’t unfollow your brother for tweeting too much about his love for a sports team you disdain. You can’t tell your best friend to shut up because her relentless tweets with cryptic Marilyn Monroe quotes overlaid on top of sunset pictures are driving you up a wall. You just have to take a deep breath and silently scroll past these posts without making a scene in order to preserve friendship and family ties. It’s a hard knock life for a Twitter addict.

But then you come to the rescue with a Mute button. Finally, a solution for all those people who constantly post deep and cheesy song lyrics, traumatically ruin TV finales, or #OnlySpeakInHashtags, without having to cut ties or offend people you actually enjoy in real life. It just seems so logical to me.

Some people wonder how the Mute button might affect brands. How will they continue to quantify reach if they get muted, or worse, not even know how many people have muted them? As long as you’re continuing to implement the golden rule of social media (providing value when, where, and how your audience wants to receive it) you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Of course, promoted tweets won’t be affected by the Mute button, so brands will continue to have to pull out their wallets if they want to ensure their most important content is being seen – but that’s becoming a norm across most platforms that we’re just going to have to come to terms with (looking at you, Facebook). #MakeItRain

The feature is still brand new, but I’m excited to see the potential of how it progresses. Maybe one day we’ll have the option to Mute for just a set amount of time (how great would it be to mute those people who live tweet TV shows or sports games you have to watch on a delay, just for one day?). Hopefully some day soon we’ll also have access to some analytics around this so brands and community managers can transform their content strategies to provide even more value to their followers. We’re only just scratching the surface with this update, and I truly believe it has the potential to change and redefine the space as we know it. Exciting!

In short, dear Twitter, props to you for having the guts to give the people what they want: a useful feature that will encourage others to use their online voices for good. #Winning.

Jump high-five,

PS. Check out Amy Jo Martin’s recent interview with Fox News TV on how brands can avoid being muted, here.

Hey Graduates! How Does Your Personal Brand Look?

Post by Sara Farr

This week Digital Royalty’s very own Nate Ludens gave priceless advice to a group of advertising and PR students at UNLV. It was similar to the speech he gave to my class last year, which helped to translate my dream of working with social media from merely dreams to a reality. As a college student, and soon to be graduate, hearing from an industry professional is very valuable way to see a different perspective from some of the things you have learned in class and from textbooks.

As graduation season is upon us, it is important to work on (be aware of) your personal brand before diving into the sea of job applications. From Nate’s presentation, here are 7 important tips to help graduates establish a strong personal brand while preparing to join the work force.

blog 3

1. Never burn a bridge.

No matter what happens, how you feel at the time, try to be cool because you never know where that person is going to end up. Keep in touch, too, because at the end of the day, your reputation is a huge part of your personal brand.

2. Google Yourself. Future employers probably will.

Be aware of everything that you currently use and it’s appearance to the public: Facebook, any blogs, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. People may Google you before you even get the chance to hand them your resume. Your online reputation is often your first impression, so make sure it’s a good one.

3. Create a blog or use Tumblr to show / reflect a portfolio of your work.

The content and layout are completely flexible and controlled by you – not Facebook, for example. It can be a great tool for showing future employers examples of work that you have completed – and linking to it, if it’s still online.

4. Learn to grab a screen shot.

Get this app: JING by Techsmith.com. It’s free, and it’s great, takes screenshots to the next level. Screenshot your work just in case it gets edited or un-published down the line.

5. Make your resume a PDF.

A PDF is consistent and able to be read on anything.  Just say NO to Word, Pages, and Publisher resumes.

6. Follow the company you’re interested in on social networks.

“What’s easier than that?” Nate says. “It shows you’re paying attention, in even the smallest way.” You may get valuable insights into the company’s culture, or just a great conversation starter for those awkward silences in job interviews or waiting rooms.

7. Hustle. Show that you’re hungry.

Come early, and stay late. It makes the difference because it illustrates your work ethic. Employers want to hire people who can think on the fly and solve problems. If you’re late or leave early, you can miss out on opportunities.

[edit: Digital Royalty University's Personal Branding course is currently half-priced - only $20 for an hour of detailed case studies and direction for anyone building their online reputation.]

A Google Game-Changer

Post by @AlanaGolob


Over the past couple of years technology has continued to shape how students process information and learn about new subject matters. It’s even impacted our business model with the evolution of our online education platform, Digital Royalty University, which has allowed us to scale our content to brands and individuals around the world.

Today marks the 21st anniversary of “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” – but today, it was much different than the previous 20 years. For the first-time ever, Google partnered with Forbes and a variety of companies to take the experience online. Using Google Hangouts, Google delivered 18-virtual field trips for students around the country to “visit” inspiring workplaces. Field trips included a session from the NASDAQ floor to an inside look at the career of a filmmaker. Our partners from the Chicago White Sox (Nicole Saunches) and LPGA (Tina Barnes-Budd) were amongst the participants in a session on a career in sports marketing.

These virtual field trips bridged the barriers for students who may never have the opportunity to visit the inside of a Bulls locker room or travel to the LPGA Corporate Headquarters in Daytona. Students were able to ask these experts questions and gain valuable insight and inspiration for their future careers. Classrooms outside of the main participants could also tune-in and ask questions through the Q&A feature within the Hangout. It was really special to see the students get excited about participating. Not to mention, the professionals loved it just as much as the students. Equal value exchange.


Imagine if this technology existed when we were in school? Would you have been inspired to explore another profession? Today made me even more excited to see where technology takes us and shapes the future of education. Thank you, Google for inspiring us all.



Help My Mom!


We love our moms and we know you do too. BUT, don’t you sometimes wish you could put your mom’s social media usage on timeout? Us too. We’ve seen everything from accidental Facebook shares, to tweets that should be @replies. Hashtags? Don’t even bother! So, in honor of Mother’s Day and to show how much we care about all the wonderful mothers in our lives, Digital Royalty University is offering a helping hand through our “Help My Mom!” campaign.

We’re awarding three lucky moms a personal online session with a Digital Royalty University instructor to help them get their social media presence dialed in. Additionally, we will be selecting 30 additional moms to participate in an upcoming Digital Royalty University live social communications webinar and thanks to our friends at FlowerShop.com, those 30 mom’s will also receive a $30 gift voucher to FlowerShop.com.

So, how can you nominate your mom? Use our hashtag, #RoyalHelp on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and include an example, a quick sentence, or if you’re really brave, a screenshot of a funny social media blunder your mom has made or you can nominate through the following form:

Whether it’s to help with understanding the difference between a public tweet or an @Reply, how to use Google Hangouts or FaceTime, or just some best practices on what to post and what not to post on Facebook (emphasis on what NOT to post), your mom will go through the same social communication training exercises that we’ve put Digital Royalty University graduates through for the past five years. Included with the one-on-one session is a Team Renegades toolkit: a Digital Royalty t-shirt, an autographed copy of The New York Times Bestseller Renegades Write The Rulescomplimentary access to the suite of our online social communication classes and a $100 gift voucher for a flower arrangement from FlowerShop.com. 

Incase you’re looking for some examples of social media blunders, here’s a few for you:

Help My Mom Learn Social Media

The winners will be selected and announced on Thursday, May 8. Lastly, we’re hooking you all up with a 50%-off promotion code for our Digital Royalty University classes and a $15 gift voucher to FlowerShop.com so that you can give the gift of education (and pretty flowers) to your mom this Mother’s Day. Use the code “HelpMyMom” at checkout on Digital Royalty University and FlowerShop.com to redeem. Offer expires on May 11.

Together we can turn your mom from a social newbie into a social rockstar.


Social Good Makes Our Renegade Hearts Melt

Post by Meredith McCaskill

A friend recently told me a story about his coworker that touched my heart, and I have a feeling it’ll touch yours too. I couldn’t help but share another example of how powerful social communications can be when effectively used for a good cause. 140 characters can go a heck of a long way.

My friend Mike had a colleague who’s teenage son was very sick. She worried herself sick and would tell Mike about her fears and heartache for her boy, who was in agonizing pain because of an arteriovenous malformation. (More simply put, his veins were tangled). He needed extensive surgery and had a date booked with UCLA Health.

Not so fast.

Due to health insurance protocols and a staff mixup, something didn’t process. The boy’s appointment was canceled. Mike’s coworker was devastated, and she felt the pressure only a mother could feel when her son repeatedly asked her when his surgery would be rescheduled.

Mike wanted to help. He didn’t have a large Twitter following – about 150 followers, but he sent this tweet and got a response from @UCLAHealth:


The conversation continued via email between Mike and UCLA Health, and shortly after, his colleague was contacted by the hospital and informed that the appointment had been rescheduled for a week later in Los Angeles. Queue the applause!

UCLA Health’s vision is to heal humankind, one patient at a time, by improving health, alleviating suffering and delivering acts of kindness. In this instance, UCLA Health’s reply – an act of kindness – made it right. There’s usually something that can be done.

Key takeaway here is that those brands that listen and act – regardless of the size of their reach – are the real game changers.

P.S. Everyone is happy and healthy!

#HudsonRules and So Does Social Media

Post by @AlanaGolob

Last week I witnessed first hand the true force of social media when people come together for a single cause. I was in Vegas at the dR corporate headquarters and received a call from my husband in Scottsdale telling me that Hudson got out of the house and his collar wasn’t on. Being miles away, I felt extremely helpless and feared the worst as my husband and my friend searched the entire neighborhood for hours looking for Hudson.

Fortunate for me I work with an incredible team of people who dropped everything they were doing to help me track down Hudson using the best tool at our disposal, the internet. Thanks to Amy Jo’s suggestion, I started posting photos of Hudson on my personal accounts as well as the Digital Royalty accounts – encouraging people to help spread the word. Amy Jo took to Twitter using the hashtag #FindHudson, while tweeting every Arizona shelter, news station, anchor, oh – and even encouraging Arizona Cardinals pro football star, Larry Fitzgerald, to help us spread the word. This is a perfect example of how influence can be scaled for good.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 6.49.15 PMScreen Shot 2014-04-06 at 6.49.34 PM

I was completely humbled by the overwhelming support of past co-workers, old high school friends and hundreds of complete strangers on each social channel. People genuinely wanted to help find Hudson and I couldn’t be more grateful of their support.

Below is a graph to illustrate the social impact. On the day Hudson went missing there was a significant spike in online conversation. More than 70% of the total conversation surrounded keywords associated with Hudson and the highest amount of mentions originated from Arizona and Nevada.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 6.34.51 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 6.41.23 PM

While my co-worker/friend, Erinn Ray, searched the internet to find the most useful resources to find lost pets, she came across the site, Lost Dogs Arizona and joined. Within minutes they posted a Facebook post on their page with a photo of Hudson. Then a complete stranger (thank you, Susan!) stumbled across the post of Hudson, searched Craigslist and found a lost/found ad with an exact description of Hudson. As I boarded my flight home to Phoenix, I received a call from Susan telling me about the listing and giving me a phone number to contact the people who had Hudson the whole day. (Helpful tip for pet owners, always look on Craigslist first to see if anyone found your pet. Who would have thought?! Not me.) 

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 7.58.19 PM (1)

Thankfully this story had a very happy ending thanks to the internet and the kindness of each person who played a helpful role. All of us at Digital Royalty had a bit of an “ah-ha” moment from this experience and were further reassured of why we’re in the business that we are in. Social communication is a scalable, unstoppable force without limits when we work together to combine our influence for a good cause. If we can find a lost dog using social media, just think if we used that influence to help find missing children? Food for thought.

My key takeaway from this experience is first and foremost that there are still tons of really, really great people in the world. Secondly, the internet can be a beautiful thing when it’s used to help people. And lastly, it sometimes pays to be that obnoxious dog owner that constantly posts photos of their dog on the internet…#HudsonRules. Hey, even dogs need personal branding (wink-wink).

A big THANK YOU to everyone was involved and supported. Watch the news segment on 12 News by anchor, Bryan West. If you’re a pet owner, there’s some helpful tips about how to use social media to find a lost pet.


Social Media Spring Cleaning


Post by @ChelseaHartling

Spring cleaning sounds like a serious drag. It’s that time of year when we’re supposed to clean out our closets to make room for warm-weather clothes, dust off our winter hibernation spaces, and get ready for the warmth of summer to make us feel human again. But while we’re all procrastinating the inevitable act of digging our homes out from the metaphorical winter snow (or maybe actual snow if you live anywhere other than sunny Las Vegas), we forget about a few other important spaces that need some sprucing up. For example, when was the last time you cleaned up your social media accounts?

Here’s a couple tips for doing a little social spring cleaning.

1. Change your passwords.
This is the perfect time to solidify your online privacy by changing your passwords. Check out this article from TIME for a quick trick for setting a strong password that you won’t forget.

2. Change your avatar.
If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t change your avatar all that often. That photo you have up is probably no longer an accurate representation of what you actually look like since it was taken 4 years ago. Clean it up by swapping it out with a more recent selfie. And it doesn’t hurt to make your avatars consistent across all your social sites either.

3. Update your bio.
On that note, if you’ve recently changed career paths, discovered a new affinity for burritos, or even thought of a random fun fact that everyone should know about you, update that bio! Keep it fresh. With all the new friends & followers you’re bound to gain this year, you need to give the people what they want: recent & relevant information about you. Make sure all your links are up to date and your bio is optimized with hashtags and handles. Most of all, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.

4. Clean up your friends & followers.
If you’ve ever though to yourself, “why am I still Facebook friends with this person?” then now is the perfect time to cut them loose. At one point it was cool to see how many friends you could rack up on Facebook, but as the social space matures, we must mature with it. It’s all about the quality of friends and followers, not the quantity. If someone spams your notifications with Candy Crush invites or clogs your newsfeed with an unreasonable amount of selfies and inspirational-yet-cryptic quotes, social spring cleaning could become your new best friend. I also recently discovered this app called “JustUnfollow.” It shows you information like who you’re following that isn’t following you back and who has recently unfollowed you. It’s a great way to monitor your Twitter and Instagram followers and make sure you’re not following anyone who doesn’t care to follow you back. Clean it up and treat yo-self to a healthy social ecosystem.

Got any other social spring cleaning tips? Share them with me on Twitter @ChelseaHartling.

Click, Tweet and Share

Post by Kathy Banez

For anyone who loves social media and taking a lot of pictures, ex. me, Twitter is expanding its photo options, making it easier to click, tweet, and share.

Twitter announced that they will be updating their photo options by allowing users to tag up to 10 people in a photo without using any of their 140 characters and letting users to upload up to 4 photos in a tweet.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 9.48.20 AM

How will this new update help brands market themselves on Twitter:

  • With adding up to four photos in a tweet, brands can feature more photos of new property openings or renovations that attract followers to click to the brand’s site.
  • Being able to tag people/properties without losing characters allows more special content.
  • Photo tagging also allows brands to respond to/tag followers AND have the photo shared to everyone.
  • With an update like this, brands are in the loop with growing technology and attracting new potential consumers for example, millennials.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 9.53.48 AM

This update brings joy to my life for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s already hard to add a caption AND tag people to a photo with less than 140 characters. The photo tagging ability will make content easier to share without trying to figure out what to shorten or what to delete to make everything fit.
  • With the capability to add up to four photos in one tweet, followers will be grateful that they aren’t getting “spammed” with photo from one user.
  • Even though I am a huge fan of Instagram, Twitter’s photo sharing option is great at displaying the photo instead of having a link in a tweet.

The new photo options are available by downloading Twitter app or downloading the update on Android and iPhone and will later be implemented onto web soon.